Welcome to My On-Line Collection of Thai Buddhist Power and Ritual Objects

This site's aim to awaken you to a little known byway of Thai culture: the esoteric currents of the Thai Theravadin School, in which ancient shamanic, probably pre-Buddhist, traditions survive to this day. In this current exist power objects and ritual instruments of great charm. A few Tibetan pieces will be included.

You may find parts of this collection amusing or, indeed, shocking. Please keep an open mind, and remember that there are countless stories, among them many contemporary anecdotes, attesting the strange power so many sense in these pieces. Do not be blinded by your preconceptions.

Au fond, perhaps it is enough for you simply to know that these objects exist, that they have been created by awakened spiritual masters, and that people from all over the planet seek them.

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Here the list of the new items:
LP Sawahe - Claw 19/08/07
LP Kalong - Bracelet 22/07/07
LP See - Lohid Ring 30/05/07
LP Pern - Meedh Moh 30/05/07
LP Hong - Beer Geow 05/05/07
Thangka of Yamankata 03/05/07
The Worthy ones to which I make reference here are a small representation of the existing Masters or having existed in Thailand.
Luang Phor Dooh (LP Dooh)
Luang Phor Pern (LP Pern)
Luang Phor Sawahe (LP Sawahe)
Luang Phor Kallong (LP Kallong)
Luang Phro Koon (LP Koon)

New headings or further information about an object:
Sariras transformation 03/05/07

Some of the objects here were released from various Thai temples. Often a "katha" to empower and impart chi to these objects is given too. A "katha" is like a mantra, but a mantra whose purpose is to activate its object and make its power available to its guardian. It acts as a kind of password protection. Without its katha, the object is considered to be dormant.

I have many kathas to share but you must show me that the katha will be of use to you. If you desire a katha, send me a photo of the object and certify that you are its guardian. I will then e-mail back the appropriate katha. (No badinage, please - this stuff is for real.)
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* The Wheel of Dharma. being at the top of the Palate of Potala - Lhassa - Tibet