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Here are one of the most incredible objects which I had the chance to acquire. It is not something of fantastic, but sufficiently strange so that I tell it to you.

It is ring at summer created by the Venerable LP See. One of last the Thai Master able to produce this alchemical alloy which is Lohid. I say one of the last, bus has present the technique of manufacture of this metal is lost and was unfortunately not transmitted.

This alchemical alloy with faculty to rebuild (initially) and to reinforce halo have it carrier.

The ring is covered with signs, which once of gilded color are almost invisible.


Below, the ring in Lohid such as it was when I received it.
Lohid de LP See
Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See
You can see by you even the change of color of the ring over one
period of 1 week. (the first photograph at summer taken after the
first night)

... not I did not use a sponge Scotch Brite to make it shine. And even while trying to scrape with the nail, the color did not change therefore.

I can guarantee to you that the fact of carrying these rings is really something of surprising. Out the fact that this one completely changes color into the space of hardly 15 days, it is this feeling of serenity which one feels.

Like it was explained to me at the time of its acquisition, the first days can be tiring, because the capacity of the ring draws from our resources. I personally did not feel these effects. Perhaps that they occur when the carrier have a halo impoverished. What would like to say that I have the chance to have a halo in good health...

The fact is, that at the end of three days I had same serenity as after one week of retirement in insulation to be meditated. I as noticed as I had a greater facility to produce visualizations at the time of ritual tantric.


The same ring after it having carried day and night during 15 days.
Lohid de LP See
Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See Lohid de LP See
* Meditation Ball, engraved by Venerable Luang Phor Dooh.